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Book Fair Holding an International Book Services Book Fair is straightforward for the school - all we need is space to exhibit the books and tables on which to display them. We do, of course, also need your co-operation in publicising the event.

The first step is to arrange a date for the Book Fair which is mutually convenient. Then, two to three weeks before the sale, we will ask whether you have any special requests, plan the times of the Book Fair and send posters and fliers to advertise the Book Fair.

books On the day, we will set up the display, sell the books and pack up afterwards. It often works well if a rota is set up for classes to visit the Book Fair throughout the day. Parents can then visit before, during or after the sale as suits them and the school.

We provide a wide range of books suitable for all ages. Our focus is always on books for the age range of the pupils at the school we are attending. However, we also bring a smaller selection of books for pre-school children, parents and staff.

We are also happy to bring any special requests - subject to availability.

The school receives a commission of 10% of our sales. This is to be taken from books displayed on the day or offset against any special requests for the school itself.

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